QTest: An Automated Test Framework

Welcome to the website for QTest, an automated test framework. QTest is in active use primarily as the test framework for qpdf. It is a mature test framework designed for testing command-line tools by running them with specified inputs and checking outputs in a variety of ways. It is not under active development, but I may occasionally release new versions to keep the tool up-to-date with current development environments. QTest is written in Perl, but it can be used to test code in any language as its interface with the software it tests is through the command line.

QTest itself is stable. please feel free to download the latest version of qtest. The documentation is also available here in both HTML and PDF format.

QTest was originally created in 1993 as part of BCS, the Baseline Configuration System, which has since become inactive. I would like to acknowledge my previous employers Apex CoVantage and Argon ST for allowing me to republish modifications that I made to QTest on “company time” while under their employment. I am lucky to have worked for such organizations as these.

For additional information, please contact the author at qtest-info <at> qbilt.org.

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